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Our team philosophy:Key to be a master.

About us

We are Kamtop. We are MASTER. 

We always believe that the value lies in the happiness we can bring to our customers. Home is the origin of happiness. We are always exploring what brings comfort to home. Since then, we have chosen locks that can bring safety to life, hand tools that can bring convenience to life, hooks that can bring tidiness to life. We're still exploring. WE ALWAYS KEEP MOVING.

100% handmade soap bar
100% handmade soap bar

What Is Our Mission?

We are KEY TO BE A MASTER, committed to providing the highest quality hardware products. Customers can enjoy the portability and happiness that our products bring to life. Everyone is the master of their own life. We firmly believe that the long-term development of a company is based on high-quality products. Every product sent out by Kamtop goes through our strict screening. 

What Makes Us Unique? 

We always do business based on the ideas of our customers. Pay attention to small details to create the most appropriate product. User data is the premise of our product development. We always develop products closer to users and more in line with users.

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